Europe adopts food information proposals

The European Commission has today adopted a proposal for new legislation on the provision of food information to consumers.

Commenting, Stephen Pugh, head of the Food Labelling Branch at the Agency, said:

‘We welcome the potential benefits such a proposal represents for consumers. We know from our own research that clear labelling, including easy to use nutritional information is essential in
helping people to make informed decisions about what they choose to buy and eat.

‘We look forward to seeing the text and working with the European Commission and other Member States in delivering better food information and labelling for the benefit of consumers.’

The proposal adopted today by the EC is the first step in the process of deciding new regulations. The Agency will be launching a UK-wide public consultation on the proposal, taking views from
stakeholders, including the food industry, consumer and enforcement groups, and the general public. This consultation will help the Government in its negotiations on the proposal.

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