EU project brings e-learning to police

A project funded under the European Union’s Leonardo da Vinci programme has shown how a virtual learning environment can offer effective training for Europe’s local police, the WebPOL partners
analysed the traditional training of local police officers for over three years.

They then created a virtual learning platform for police speaking Spanish, English, German or Italian. Through the platform, police departments have access to continuous online training. The
training will also be enriched by an exchange of experiences through a common information network.

The training topics include changing laws, policing major events, gender-based violence, the role of local police in a multicultural society and European cooperation. The platform is versatile,
just as modern policing must be. Courses are designed to target different forces’ needs. Students can contact a trainer during teaching hours in order to discuss aspects of the training.

The project involves police forces from around Europe, and is led by the Local Police of Valencia. The technological aspect of the project is headed by the Greek Telecommunications
Organisation. Training bodies and local authorities are also involved. Some 75% of the ?642,222 budget was provided by the European Union.

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