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ENIAC to focus on energy efficiency of electronic equipment

By Redazione

ENIAC, the European Nanoelectronics Initiative Advisory Council, has decided to make the energy efficiency of electronic equipment one of its main objectives.

ENIAC brings together Europe’s leading universities and businesses in the field of semi-conductors and nanoelectronics. Through ENIAC’s Strategic Research Programme, they will work together to
improve the energy efficiency of a wide range of electronic products by drawing on the very latest in semi-conductor technologies and new materials research.

‘The technological leadership of European businesses in the energy efficiency field will be strengthened by our research initiatives supporting the development of even more efficient
technologies,’ said Dr Wolfgang Ziebart, President of ENIAC. ‘In the ENIAC working group, we will carry out research into a more well thought out use of energy. For example, calculations show
that increasing energy efficiency by 25% around the world corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of the United States.’

In June, the European Commission proposed that ENIAC be turned into a Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), bringing together researchers, businesses, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and
other stakeholders in a public-private partnership. The new JTI will have a budget of ¿3 billion, 60% of which will come from
industry, with the remaining 40% coming from the European Commission and the countries involved in the project. Europe’s research ministers are due to grant final approval to ENIAC and three
other JTIs at the meeting of the EU’s Competitiveness Council in November.

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