BASF presents new Electronic Materials Center Europe to customers

By Redazione

After a construction period of around 15 months, the Electronic Materials Center Europe at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site is now complete. Today, Friday, November 9, 2007, BASF presented the new
production center to its customers in the semiconductor industry. The production plant for process chemicals for the semiconductor industry is fully integrated in the Verbund and secures
supplies to customers throughout Europe. The double digit million Euro investment has created sixty jobs in Ludwigshafen.

BASF welcomed its most important customers from the European semiconductor industry to the new Electronic Materials Center Europe and informed them about the range of products and services.
“With this production center, we are combining BASF’s expertise in electronic chemicals and as ‘The Chemical Company’ to help make our customers in Europe even more successful”, said Dr.
Karl-Rudolf Kurtz, Group Vice President of BASF’s Electronic Materials global business unit.

BASF is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic chemicals for use in the production of semiconductors. The new center includes state-of-the-art purification facilities as well as
clean room filling stations to ensure the high purity and consistent quality of the products. At the production center, high purity electronic chemicals are filled in containers ranging from
2.5 liter bottles to tank containers. BASF’s products for the electronic industry fully satisfy the quality standards of the semi-conductor industry.

After completion of the qualification activities at the end of 2007, routine production will commence at the Electronic Materials Center Europe on January 1, 2008. From then onwards, research,
product development (including state-of-the-art analytics and a clean room laboratory), marketing and sales will be integrated at a single location at BASF’s Ludwigshafen Verbund site.

With its structure and the way it is integrated into BASF’s Verbund, the Electronic Materials Center Europe is unique in Europe. This allows the Electronic Materials business unit to offer its
customers a wide range of standard products as well as tailor-made solutions.

The production center also contributes to optimizing the logistics process for electronic chemicals: the Electronic Materials Center Europe has its own storage facilities, ensuring compliance
with high standards of supply security.

Ludwigshafen is BASF’s largest production site. The ten square kilometer site is also the company’s headquarters and home to its central research platform. Between 2005 and 2009, BASF is
investing about ?6 billion in Ludwigshafen for capital expenditures, modernization and maintenance of its plants as well as an additional ?800 million per year in the research and development
of modern processes and innovative products.


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