BASF launches new service for TV journalists

By Redazione

Seeing is believing: As of October 30, 2007, journalists will receive online access to a wide range of television material about BASF, with the help of this service, journalists can gain an
insight into BASF – The Chemical Company – free of charge by accessing specially prepared footage as well as edited programs with sound. The television material can be quickly accessed under and can be downloaded with accreditation.

The television service offers programs in a wide range of formats as well as accompanying information tailored to the requirements of editorial departments. In future, programs from all of BASF
business units can be selected via a search engine as well as a subject navigator. A newsletter will highlight current programs. The television service portal is part of the diversified News
& Media Relations section of BASF, in which journalists can inform themselves either through text or picture and audio format about the numerous topics of relevance to
BASF operations.

This is how the television service works: to download material, journalists can register online and send a copy of their press card or a similar document by fax. Accreditation will usually be
granted within a day. All data will then be available for download or can be supplied on request as a tape or DVD. Accompanying information includes advice about language, format, length, track
configuration and additional material such as time code lists, press releases and press photos.

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