BASF at the first annual conference of PDA Europe

By Redazione

As a sponsor and participant, BASF supports the first annual conference of the newly founded Polyurea Development Association Europe (PDA Europe), the trade association of the European polyurea
industry. At the event taking place in Brussels from November 14 through 16, representatives of leading polyurea companies will provide information on products and applications as well as the
advantages of this versatile technology. BASF will give a technical presentation to introduce its innovative and very special chain extender Baxxodur? PC 136, which offers major advantages in
processing polyurea systems.

Polyurea is an elastomer that is obtained by mixing two reactive components: an isocyanate component and an amine component that acts as a curing agent. As one of the world’s leading suppliers
of amines, BASF has a broad range of polyetheramines and cycloaliphatic amines that are used in the curing-agent component.

Polyurea: Unique combination of properties – Polyurea systems are used as spray coatings in various industrial applications, for example in the construction of industrial buildings,
roads and bridges, in landscaping and interior fitting. Unlike other spray coatings, polyurea systems can also be applied in humid and low-temperature outdoor conditions. They take no more than
seconds to form a solid film on the surface, a film that can be walked on in a matter of minutes and cures completely within just a few hours. The coating stands out for its excellent
resistance to chemicals, high temperatures and mechanical wear and tear. By its elasticity it readily bridges cracks and adheres superbly to a wide variety of surfaces.

New brochure from BASF – Information on all aspects of this versatile technology and the raw materials needed for it can be found in the new brochure just released by the Intermediates
division of BASF, “Your Competent Partner for Polyurea Coatings.” This publication, which has appeared in English only, provides a thorough overview of the intermediates BASF offers for
polyurea systems, in particular. The brochure deals extensively with the new cycloaliphatic secondary amine known as Baxxodur? PC 136. It is used as chain extender to modify the reactivity of
the polyurea system on hand to suit the particular application. While offering the benefit of a longer potlife, this new chain extender also ensures that film properties develop much faster
than with traditional chain extenders. A data sheet that provides details on the properties of the product range completes the publication. The brochure is available for download on the
Internet at

PDA Europe – The Polyurea Development Association Europe (PDA Europe) is a newly formed body that provides a platform for all players in the European polyurea market.
The mission of the PDA Europe is to promote market awareness and acceptance of the fairly recent polyurea technology through the development of education programs, product standards, safety and
environmental and use recommendations.

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