Bangalore (India): AGRI & FOOD Processing India


Why AGRI & FOOD Processing India?

India is striving to modernize its agriculture. Compiling and utilizing modern technologies and techniques for improved productivity of crops, storage, handling, infrastructures and
processing of harvested products to the food industry is becoming a key issue. How to finance projects also raises as an important matter to deal with in India.

Technological products and solutions are just strongly needed.

Key figures:

– India is world largest producers of milk with 75 million tons a year and 13.1% of world production.
– India is world’s second largest producers of fruits and vegetables.
– Total food market estimated at Euro 67.9 billion of which processed foods share is 32%.
– The food processing industry is estimated to grow at 9-12% in the near future and fruit and vegetable processing which is currently around 2% of total production likely to increase to
10% by 2010 and to 25% by 2025.

The Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), in partnership with BCI – global leader of B2B meetings and professional events – will be setting up a first international trade
show dedicated to agriculture machinery and food processing on September 22-24, 2009 and fully contribute to this process.

The show will combine a 3 day exhibition for Indian and international companies to showcase their products and capabilities and a matchmaking service to facilitate contacts. They will
feature their technologies for agriculture and food processing.

The most prominent Indian farmer cooperatives and associations, the main actors of the food processing industry in India, local and central government agencies addressing Agriculture
and Food processing issues, R&D centers, service providers (banks, consulting,…) will be visiting and meeting with exhibitors.

Exhibitors profile: Agriculture: Equipment and machinery for Food crops, Fruit and vegetables and breeding / Technology and services for production optimisation / Biotechnology and
chemistry / Dairy; and animal husbandry; Agricultural and horticultural processing: Storage, packaging and handling of agriculture products /Primary processing of agricultural products
/ Warehousing, packaging and handling of raw materials; Precision farming: a pavilion dedicated to new farming technologies, global positioning (GPS), sensors, satellites or aerial
images; Food processing: Secondary processing / Packaging and logistics; Transverse: Economy and management of the agriculture sector / Banking and investment / Plant construction
and equipment maintenance / Irrigation and water management /Renewable energy/ Market development

Contractors /Visitors profiles:

Farmer cooperatives, farmers, breeders, producers, government agencies (from India and neighboring countries) ; Plant managers, engineers, purchasing, production, R&D,
methods; Professionals seeking out machines, equipment, process and skills for their businesses.

Why Bangalore in the Karnataka State?

With 10% of India fruit and vegetables production, 50% of India seeds production, 75% of India flowers production…, Karnataka is not only the IT hub but also and primarily an
agricultural State. It is one of India’s most industrialized States hosting the most foreign investment (i.e. Nestlé, Unilever, Pepsi, Cargill, Heinz..).

Bangalore, capital of the dynamic Southern State, will host AGRI & FOOD Processing India.

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