NXP chooses SaaS- based B2B offering from Atos Origin and Axway

Paris -NXP, a large semiconductor manufacturer founded by Philips, signed a multi-year contract with Atos Origin and Axway to manage its suppliers’ and customers’ business-to-business
(B2B) transactions worldwide.

NXP is the first customer to be announced following the creation of the Axway/Atos Origin SaaS alliance earlier this year. Atos Origin and Axway will implement their joint B2B Integration On
Demand offering, which frees NXP from investments in hard- and software, based on a flexible on-demand service. Customer and supplier connectivity can simply be added or removed, depending on
NXP’s business dynamics. This new solution offers NXP flexibility, traceability and cost reduction.

The service covers most business transactions and improves time-to-market and management of business transactions. The new B2B services provide NXP with a flexible B2B communication
infrastructure, enabling NXP to effectively communicate with its customers and suppliers.

Louis Luijten, CIO at NXP says, «We were looking for a new, innovative solution and initially did not consider a SaaS offering. However, Axway and Atos Origin’s offering seems very
promising and provides us with a cost effective solution, based on a pay-per-use concept, moving in parallel with our business dynamics. NXP can realize electronic business communication with
its current and new partners easier, faster and more economically than ever before.»

Rob Pols, CEO of Atos Origin Netherlands adds, «Once convinced by the SaaS model, NXP did not give us a wild card. We won because of the completeness of Axway’s Synchrony framework and
Atos Origin’s long-term expertise in managing complex projects».

The migration of NXP’s current solution will be phased. A first project is set up to migrate and consolidate all B2B interfaces of suppliers and customers into the new framework after which the
B2B Integration On Demand service will be delivered from Atos Origin’s global B2B support centers in Eindhoven, Singapore, Sao Paulo and Mumbai.

The new offering includes:

? Processing and support of NXP B2B interfaces operates in a utility-based IBM AIX Power 6 environment running the Axway Synchrony framework. These B2B interfaces cover a wide scope of EDI
formats and Rosettanet pips (XML message format).
All B2B projects needed to migrate, consolidate end enhance current B2B interfaces
? Functional changes that will occur over time as NXP business activity evolve
? According to Gartner SaaS is forecast to have a compound annual growth rate of 22.1% through 2011 for the aggregate enterprise application software markets, more than double the growth rate
for the total enterprise software market.(Gartner 2007)

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