+ NFW WebTV is also on FaceBook and Twitter (english text) + NFW WebTV is also on FaceBook and Twitter (english text) – NFW Web – TV is also on FaceBook NFW Web TV is also on FaceBook and Twitter with lots of friends who, like us believe in a new rebirth of Men’s Values. Feeding Body & Mind Video-Web-TV

Daily information on the web from Italy and from Regions: everyday facts and about the economy, curiosities and innovative ideas, new products and company press communications, laws and indepth
info on the agrofoods line, shows and events, news and useful suggestions to live well and in good health.

Feeding Body and mind: our body stays in good health if we feed it with genuine products.

We live better if we feed on aromas, beautiful pictures, good music, true culture, good company, is your daily source on the web. online news, food& wellness Newspaper

350,000 users per month

– over 3.500.000 visitors per year
– Average number of visitors in the last three months: 338.000
– Average of pages visted in the last three months: 624.000

-CPM = 15 (€ 15 OGNI 1000 impressions)

-PPC = €5 (€ 5 every click on the banner with link to client’s site)

–   3.500 news published every month, coming from major sources of information, from agencies and press offices from the most important federations and companies, from internal editors
and external free lance collaboraters, by professionals or also from fans who with their comments, written, filmed and with pictures, contribute to live and to make grow.

–  An archive of over 150.000 news articles which contribute to topics already dealt with, and the possiblity of increasing knowledge on them in time.

–  All the contents are provided by the Google Browser and all principal research engines. Feeding the Body &the Mind+Web TV:

It is the newspaper of those who takes care of themselves, the ideal way to plan advertising campaigns and promotions for those who are attentive to their health, to who wants to make their
rights known and who would like to live in a knowlegable and serene way.

It is the opinion leader and reference point for information on world foods and well-being, from the agricultural industry, for the Italian PMI and the Consumers and sidesteps principal national
newspapers with online information thanks to the quality and to the quality of “fresh” news pubblished every day and to the number of visitors in constant growth.

NEWSFOOD.con+TV is the ideal source of information for consumers who would like to be informed on food and wellness, on the quality of foods which they eat at home and out. All who are
attentive to their health and to that of their loved ones.

Thanks to its diffusion and to being trustworthy, is certifyed by Audiweb, the company whìch verifys and montiors the quality and quantity of the use of Internet sites which
has officially accredited ShinyStat as statistiches provider., the online newspaper+TV articulates in principal areas which collects and give more indepth news according to topics and geographical areas: Food laws, Work, Economy, Food, International, Italy, Regions,
Specials, Events and Shows, Company Profiles, Editorial Columns, Photo Gallery and many others will be added to give direct answers to needful users.

Moreover,  the online newspaper is strenghtening its services dedicated to health, wellness and to living well: who is attentive to food is attentive also to everthing which helps him to
live better.

NFW TV, the web tv of

Taste is not read, but it is looked at and listened to.


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Translations by Mirella Sartori


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