IRC Future Match 2008

The international partnering event ‘IRC Future Match’ will take place at the CeBIT trade fair in Hannover, Germany, on 5 March. The event is organised by partners from the European network of
Innovation Relay Centres (IRCs) with support from two European projects HAGRID and OPEN TTT, as well as the Deutsche Messe.

The event’s aim is for participants to discuss possibilities for technical cooperation and joint research projects. Participants can search the online catalogue for interesting collaboration
profiles and request meetings with potential partners before the actual event.

In addition, partners from the EU project HAGRID will organise an information session on European information and communication technologies (ICT) research and an overview of the Seventh
Framework Programme (FP7). The experiences of current and previous project participants will be presented.

For further information, please visit:

IRC Future Match

Unitransfer Hannover

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