Cancer scientific week in Genoa, Italy

The Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI) is organising a scientific week in Genoa, Italy, from 20 to 24 May.

The event brings together several symposia and workshops such as the TRANSFOG (‘Translational and functional onco genomics’) Symposium, which will give insights into the EU-funded TRANSFOG
project. Under the motto ‘Discovering new worlds in medicine towards nano-application in cancer prevention and treatment’, the scientific conference will explore new forms of personalised
medicine in which an early detection and better comprehension of the disease will define more appropriate and effective treatments of cancer.

OECI is an interest group for cancer research and care institutions of the EU and currently represents 50 organisations across Europe. It was founded with the aim of creating a critical mass of
expertise and competence with the view to building and maintaining a consensus on the best models of oncology, developing affordable and realistic solutions to effectively combat cancer, and
fostering the widest deployment of oncology models and solutions in the EU.

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